The WWII Collection - 15 original coins, stamps & banknotes
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The WWII Collection - 15 original coins, stamps & banknotes


The WWII Collection - 15 original coins, stamps & banknotes

• A collection of World War II artefacts

• Original coins, stamps and banknotes from the key countries involved

• Presented in a striking folder, detailing the conflict

• Own this fascinating collection from one of the most significant events the world has ever seen for just £125

• Limited numbers available

Why I recommend the Second World War Collection…

This collection of genuine coins, stamps & banknotes issued during the WWII years is remarkable. Commemorating the most influential event of the 20th century, it brings together artefacts from here in the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The collection is housed in a striking World War II presentation folder, which tells the story of the war from beginning to end.

I only have a handful available, so if you would like to own this stunning history collection, please move to secure yours today.

Alex Hanrahan, Managing Consultant


World War II Commemorative Collection

Price £125.00 (+ £3.99 p&p)
Application Ref: 185 815W 0
Orders and payment terms are subject to acceptance and status. We may perform a credit check.
Price £125.00 (+ £3.99 p&p)


  • Years of Issue: 1939-1945
  • Country of Issue: Italy, Third Reich (Germany), Japan, Vichy France, France,
  • the USA, United Kingdom, the USSR
  • Coins: 2x 1 Franc, 2x 1 Reichspfennig, 1x 20 Centesimi, 1x 10 Sen, 1x 1 Penny
  • George VI, 1x 5 Cents Jefferson, 1x 1 Cent
  • Banknote: 1x 10 Pesos from Philippines (Japanese Occupation)
  • Stamps: 1x 12 Reichspfennig Adolf Hitler stamp, 1x 12 Reichspfennig
  • Dienstmarke stamp, 1x 5 Kopeks stamp, 1x 10 Kopeks stamp, 1x 3 Cents stamp
  • Coin Metals: Aluminium-Bronze, Aluminium, Bronze, Zinc, Stainless-Steel,
  • Aluminium, Bronze, Silver, Copper
  • Coin Diameter: 22.80mm, 23mm, 17.40mm, 17mm, 21.60mm, 22.10mm, 30.80mm,
  • 21.20mm, 19mm
  • Coin Weight: 4g, 1.30g, 2g, 1.80g, 4g, 1.50g, 9.40g, 4.90g, 3.11g

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
CPM does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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